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So Close

2 Feb

I was going to hold off writing about the deployment again until my husband is home because that’s how painstakingly close we are. I have known an estimated date of arrival since the end of December/beginning of January and have been avoiding any thoughts about it until recently to help prevent the inevitable time warp-like slow down that happens when you are anticipating something exciting.

Before I met Eric, I didn’t know what it meant to truly miss someone. The first weekend he was gone was so hard and I cried so many tears over the unimaginable nine months I had to endure without him. With his homecoming “date” quickly approaching I finally let myself start to get excited, to begin the things around the house that needed to be done, and to look at what I had to “get through” until he was home.

This morning I found out I need to add on about eight days to my countdown. Eight days might not seem like a long time but right here, right now it feels like an eternity. Twelve hours later and I still can’t begin to proces those eight extra days. They hurt to talk to about, they hurt to think about.

I just want him home.


Falling Into Place

15 Jan

My biggest struggle with being married to the military, and in life in general, is making peace with the unknowns. I am a planner and like to know what the future holds. These past two years I’ve become better about rolling with the punches and letting what happens, happen.

With Eric’s end of service date approaching and our plans to start a family set I’m itching to have at least a general sense of direction for us.

After a few conversations over Facebook chat, because that’s where all important discussions should take place, Eric and I have a road map of sorts for the next two years.

And, breathe out. I feel so much better knowing that we aren’t heading into 2014 with two potential major changes – a baby and an unemployed husband – and figuring it out as we go. Yes, I know there will be bumps along the way and not all will work out as planned, but at least we now have a destination in mind.

What are these grandiose plans, you ask? Number one and the biggest of all is to start growing our family. Next is the decision to move when our lease is up in July. I really hate that we do not have any outdoor space so I am going to look at a nicer apartment complex tonight and another one on Saturday. And finally, Eric is going to start working towards his bachelor’s degree when he gets home. I want him to be college-educated and I want him to take advantage of his GI Bill as he does not have the option to pass it along to our children. While he is in school I will continue working until mid-2014 when I will begin looking for a job down in the Tampa area where we want to move. Once I secure a job Eric will transfer schools and we will finally have reached most of our big goals.

Here’s to hoping for a successful few years and a lot of good times along the way.


9 Jan

This blog is a journal of sorts for me. I love the art of writing and looking back at where I was in life at different times. I had mentioned in a past post how Eric and I had wanted to try and get pregnant when we came home from deployment only to later find out that our Tricare coverage was ending sooner than we thought. These past few months I have been struggling with the fact that I so badly want to start a family. Family and friends are having babies they didn’t plan and it made me jealous. After being hired on permanently at work I find myself, finally, where I should be. Eric has done such a great job of saving while he is deployed and we know I can carry our insurance when Eric gets out of the Army but we are living in a city we don’t want to stay in. We couldn’t possibly risk the chance of getting pregnant and bringing a baby into this world with so many uncertainties in our future. Not only that, but if we do move like we so badly want to we would have to wait even longer so I can build up time at a job I don’t even know if I could find.

Eric has handled my very loud frustrations about our situation with both grace and understanding. While I was home over the holidays Eric brought up the idea of extending his contract. At first I was adamantly against the idea but he explained that it would only be for a few months. I was still hesitant, I know how ready he is to be done with this chapter in life but we quickly came to realize that perhaps a few months longer in the Army wouldn’t hurt. We would have free health care for a little longer, he would have guaranteed employment for a little longer, and most importantly, it opens up the opportunity for us to try and get pregnant.

If we do not get pregnant by June we again have to put family planning on the back burner but I am so excited and so is Eric. It’s finally our turn.

Looking Forward

31 Dec

2012 was a really good year for me even though half of it was spent so far from Eric. I am so blessed to have a fantastic husband, a great job, and a beautiful new car.

I think I finally grew up this year. I knew Eric and I would survive this deployment and come out stronger on the other end. Have there been sleepless nights and tear-filled moments? Of course. But have him and I both accomplished great things this year despite the separation? Absolutely.

A major goal of both mine and Eric’s for 2013 is money management. We need to get Eric’s IRA set up, bump up mine quarterly, get a budget set once he is home, pay down on our car loans, and still put money away for a few things we have planned for the year and beyond.

2013 is going to be an interesting year but again I know we will handle it in stride. It will be even better to be spending most of it together.

Six Months

17 Dec

Taking a quick break from the pre-holiday chaos to write up a post. This week marks six months since Eric deployed. Part of me can’t believe it’s already been that long and the other part feels like it’s been forever and a day.

I was telling Eric this past weekend that he is coming home to a wife who is completely different from than when he left. When he left I was unemployed and I now have a full-time career with amazing benefits and my own office bigger than my childhood bedroom. When he left I drove a ’98 Taurus just like I have since I was 17 but when he gets home I will hopefully be in a shiny very new-ish vehicle. When he left I was sitting comfortably but healthy in the jeans in my closet, I now need to buy new ones because I’ve hit my ultimate goal weight and the pairs I own are falling off me.

These things are good – amazing in fact, and I am incredibly proud! But I wanted to make these changes with Eric. Not having to tell him about them over the phone or through the computer screen.

One thing I didn’t want to happen this deployment was change. Nine months is a long time for someone to stay the exact way they are so I knew he would be different but I didn’t think about how I would be different.

I often say “I never thought I would be an Army wife”, “I never thought I would live in Georgia”, and “I never thought I would be married to someone who was halfway around the world for nine months”. I need to realize that I am an Army wife, I do live in Georgia, and we have already completed 6 of 9ish months apart.

I can’t wait for him to be home.


From the countdown app on my phone

Why I Hate the Army

10 Dec

Before you get all up in my business for not being “supportive” I just want you to know that I 100% support the troops and would follow my husband to the end’s of the earth if that’s where the Army sent him.

Now that that has been cleared up, let me start with point numero uno:

Sterotypes about military spouses are there for a reason. And all of those reasons are in my husband’s current unit.

Reason number two:

No matter what way you spin it, spouse’s careers are not fully supported.

Tonight at our FRG meeting we were told return flight dates have not been set yet. I get that, we are still a little ways out. However, my husband had to turn in his leave packet last week for block leave. Because I am very new at work and taking quite a bit of time off for Christmas I need to be careful about asking off for block leave. I want to be at least 80% sure that the dates are accurate before I even bring it up and since our next meeting could potentially be less than a month out from homecoming I needed to ask tonight how “set in stone” the dates were.

Now, I get that anything could happen and the guys could be needed half way around the world in 48 hours. That’s not what I am referring to. After the capitan that was running the q&a portion of the meeting (we run our meetings battalion-wide) said he was about 90% sure the dates were set in stone he handed the mic to who I believe is the battalion commander’s wife. She responded in a very patronizing way that I should know things could come up and basically said in less words that my career was less important than my husband’s.

It took all I had in me not to roll my eyes and respond back with the same tone. But I, on the other hand, understand the meaning of respect.

A BIG December Update

1 Dec

This update is coming shortly after my November one because I was such a procrastinator but I have two big updates to share this month and I wanted to get this out on the 1st. Here is an update on my deployment goals for this month – see July’s update here, August’s update here, September’s update here, October’s update here, and November’s update here.

Goal #1: Get a job by mid-July

Status and Part I of the BIG update: I was offered my job permanently and signed my offer letter this past Monday, my first “official” day is this Monday, December 3rd. Before the official offer I had been talking with my mom about what the pay might be like. I obviously had a ballpark of an idea since I was working the same position as a temp but my mom mentioned that I might end up taking a pay cut instead of a pay raise because they would now be offering me benefits. I ended up getting a generous pay raise and am still in a little shock at the salary I make. I don’t say that to brag-I’m in shock because I am absolutely blessed to have such a wonderful paying job in this economy. On top of that I had ZERO financial experience before I started the temp job so I truly hit the jackpot there. I only glanced at my benefits package but I’m pretty sure my company offers awesome benefits. And the people I work with are great! Win win win all around.


Goal #2: Volunteer (no set date)

Status: Accomplished! I started coaching in mid-October and while very unorganized it has been a lot of fun. The time commitment is a bit more than I had originally been told but I’m rolling with it and it is helping my weeks fly by.

Goal #3: Finish my two nutrition courses by the end of February

Status: Still waiting on my results from my second course and haven’t started my third course yet. Hopefully I will be getting to that soon.

Goal #4: Get and stay healthy and fit

Status: I have fallen off the bandwagon on the fitness front the last two weeks. I think a big part is the time change but I know that’s just an excuse. I am still eating fairly health and this morning when I stepped on the scale I expected to have gained a pound or two or three but have lost a pound putting me at 137. I had to get my finger print scanned as part of my pre-employment screening and the girl administering the scan had to ask my weight. I told her I was probably about 140 and she said “wow, you don’t look like you weigh that”. That could obviously be taken a few different ways but I’m going to take it as a compliment. I know these past two weeks have lacked movement but between eating heathy and the hard work before this little slump I feel really good and it was nice to hear a compliment. Oh and that brings me to a funny story – the guy working the register at Home Depot said I “didn’t look like I was from around here”. I asked him what the heck he meant by that and he said I looked like a model. I won’t lie-that was really awesome to hear! And it motivated me to put a little more effort into my hair and make up this week since apparently it doesn’t hurt.

Goal #5: Do what it takes to stay sane and thrive through this deployment

Status: Doing good, Eric and I have started reading “The Love Dare” and I will be writing a post about that soon. Before he left we talked about using this deployment to bring us closer together and this is doing just that.

Goal #6: Be financially ready to buy a newer used car by February

Status and part II of the BIG update: I was pre-approved for a car loan tonight with an awesome interest rate and will be buying a car when I am home for Christmas!! I am so so excited! I was originally going to purchase the car here in GA but my mom convinced me to buy while I am at home and ship it down here. There will be a small cost to ship it but I will have more time to look (I would literally only have one day here in GA while my mom was in town) and my dad would be a better person to bring with to do a quick look-over of everything. I’m pretty specific on what I want – a white 2011 VW Jetta with heated leather seats and a sunroof. Haha, I know, that’s really specific. Atlanta is a big city but back home we live between Milwaukee and Chicago so my chances of finding close to what I’m looking for are a little higher.


And without violating OPSEC (because I honestly couldn’t even violate it if I wanted to since I don’t know any dates) I’m hoping I only have two more updates to do before Eric is home!