A BIG December Update

1 Dec

This update is coming shortly after my November one because I was such a procrastinator but I have two big updates to share this month and I wanted to get this out on the 1st. Here is an update on my deployment goals for this month – see July’s update here, August’s update here, September’s update here, October’s update here, and November’s update here.

Goal #1: Get a job by mid-July

Status and Part I of the BIG update: I was offered my job permanently and signed my offer letter this past Monday, my first “official” day is this Monday, December 3rd. Before the official offer I had been talking with my mom about what the pay might be like. I obviously had a ballpark of an idea since I was working the same position as a temp but my mom mentioned that I might end up taking a pay cut instead of a pay raise because they would now be offering me benefits. I ended up getting a generous pay raise and am still in a little shock at the salary I make. I don’t say that to brag-I’m in shock because I am absolutely blessed to have such a wonderful paying job in this economy. On top of that I had ZERO financial experience before I started the temp job so I truly hit the jackpot there. I only glanced at my benefits package but I’m pretty sure my company offers awesome benefits. And the people I work with are great! Win win win all around.


Goal #2: Volunteer (no set date)

Status: Accomplished! I started coaching in mid-October and while very unorganized it has been a lot of fun. The time commitment is a bit more than I had originally been told but I’m rolling with it and it is helping my weeks fly by.

Goal #3: Finish my two nutrition courses by the end of February

Status: Still waiting on my results from my second course and haven’t started my third course yet. Hopefully I will be getting to that soon.

Goal #4: Get and stay healthy and fit

Status: I have fallen off the bandwagon on the fitness front the last two weeks. I think a big part is the time change but I know that’s just an excuse. I am still eating fairly health and this morning when I stepped on the scale I expected to have gained a pound or two or three but have lost a pound putting me at 137. I had to get my finger print scanned as part of my pre-employment screening and the girl administering the scan had to ask my weight. I told her I was probably about 140 and she said “wow, you don’t look like you weigh that”. That could obviously be taken a few different ways but I’m going to take it as a compliment. I know these past two weeks have lacked movement but between eating heathy and the hard work before this little slump I feel really good and it was nice to hear a compliment. Oh and that brings me to a funny story – the guy working the register at Home Depot said I “didn’t look like I was from around here”. I asked him what the heck he meant by that and he said I looked like a model. I won’t lie-that was really awesome to hear! And it motivated me to put a little more effort into my hair and make up this week since apparently it doesn’t hurt.

Goal #5: Do what it takes to stay sane and thrive through this deployment

Status: Doing good, Eric and I have started reading “The Love Dare” and I will be writing a post about that soon. Before he left we talked about using this deployment to bring us closer together and this is doing just that.

Goal #6: Be financially ready to buy a newer used car by February

Status and part II of the BIG update: I was pre-approved for a car loan tonight with an awesome interest rate and will be buying a car when I am home for Christmas!! I am so so excited! I was originally going to purchase the car here in GA but my mom convinced me to buy while I am at home and ship it down here. There will be a small cost to ship it but I will have more time to look (I would literally only have one day here in GA while my mom was in town) and my dad would be a better person to bring with to do a quick look-over of everything. I’m pretty specific on what I want – a white 2011 VW Jetta with heated leather seats and a sunroof. Haha, I know, that’s really specific. Atlanta is a big city but back home we live between Milwaukee and Chicago so my chances of finding close to what I’m looking for are a little higher.


And without violating OPSEC (because I honestly couldn’t even violate it if I wanted to since I don’t know any dates) I’m hoping I only have two more updates to do before Eric is home!


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