A Christmasy Thanksgiving

22 Nov

If you’re from anywhere that gets snow, being outside here today would not have felt anything like Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful, sunny and 75 degree day. Inside our apartment, however, was bursting with Christmas fun.

Instead of stuffing myself full of delicious food I skyped with Eric and put up our tree and other decorations. Then I took my wild child dog to the park for a few hours of fresh air.

Overall it was a great day, I skyped for almost five hours with Eric today. Gosh I love that man and those five hours felt like five minutes. Am I sad I didn’t partake in any of the Thanksgiving celebrations? You betcha-Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday. But at least I was at here and not thousands of miles from home. Missing a holiday is a very small sacrifice I am glad to make because my husband is off serving our country. And for him and the many others, I am so thankful.

Putting up the tree “together”

I love Christmas lights


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