October Update

1 Oct

Oh October, it is so lovely to see you. One of my biggest mental blocks before and right after Eric left was that we had to go through 3 seasons apart (summer, fall, and most of winter). Getting to October means we made it through summer. I’m a big fan of envisioning things and I just couldn’t see how I would do it but alas, here we are alive and well. Here is an update on my deployment goals for this month – see July’s update here and August’s update here.

Goal #1: Get a job by mid-July

Status: Accomplished! I interviewed for a job the day after Eric left, found out I got the job the following day, and then started two days later.

Goal #2: Volunteer (no set date)

Status: Somewhat accomplished. I have signed up to volunteer coach for the youth swim team on post and have attended the required training but the season does not start until October 15th. I am super excited for this!

Goal #3: Finish my two nutrition courses by the end of February

Status: Ahh, my Weight Management Consultant final exam is due October 31. I am at the point where I know I will be able to complete it but once again I will be going down to the last minute to finish it.

Goal #4: Get and stay healthy and fit

Status: Doing fantastic! I hit my lowest weight since high school on my 25th birthday in July but then lost motivation and gained a few pounds back. I am back to the weight I hit on my birthday and more motivated than ever to get myself fit. I’m not the hugest fan of weight goals because weight is not always a determinante of health but if I could lose another 8-10 lbs I would be extremely happy and at about the lowest weight that would be healthy for my height.

Goal #5: Do what it takes to stay sane and thrive through this deployment

Status: Doing very well – I love to be busy and I have added quite a few things to my plate including the coaching, starting up an alumni association with another girl for my sorority for this area, and becoming a Beachbody coach. I’ve also started looking for a new job so with that in there too I have been go go go.

Goal #6: Be financially ready to buy a newer used car by February

Status: Well it looks like this is the only goal I am not doing well on. And honestly, I know October won’t be any better because my mom and her friend are coming down for a visit which means a lot of meals out and a night down in Panama City Beach.

Overall this was a very good month on the goal side of things. And look at this donut of misery – we are almost at the 50% mark and I couldn’t be happier. Yay!



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