1 Sep

August is over and I am happy. The beginning of the month flew but towards the end started to drag. My trip home was wonderful and a welcome vacation away from Georgia. I am excited for September and for all things Fall to come along. In July I always tell myself I am never going to want summer to end but I usually find myself longing for my riding boots and scarves eventually.

Here is an update on my deployment goals! See July’s update here.

Goal #1: Get a job by mid-July

Status: Accomplished! I interviewed for a job the day after Eric left, found out I got the job the following day, and then started two days later.

Goal #2: Volunteer (no set date)

Status: In July I said I wanted to volunteer at least once by the end of August. It didn’t happen. I still want to volunteer at the horse farm but I have found another opportunity as well. Fort Benning has a youth swim team starting up soon and I called to see if they needed any coaches, of course no one answered so I am waiting on a call back.

Goal #3: Finish my two nutrition courses by the end of February

Status: Doing better than where I was at in July but I’m still not where I should be.

Goal #4: Get and stay healthy and fit

Status: Ahh, doing terrible! I have lost my workout mojo but after I write this I am heading to post to get in the pool and swim some laps. I realized this week that I miss the water and since it’s Labor Day weekend, this is the last chance for me to swim outside. Stay tuned for my post on Monday about fitness!

Goal #5: Do what it takes to stay sane and thrive through this deployment

Status: Doing well on this one, going home really helped with this. I’ve also begun working on a few craft projects around the house and those things always make me happy.

Goal #6: Be financially ready to buy a newer used car by February

Status: My budget fell way off track in August thanks to going home. And then I did some shopping at my new favorite store yesterday and that was not in my budget either. Oops.

Overall this was a pretty bad month on the goal side of things. I will strive to do better in September but I know it’s not the end of the world if I don’t get everything checked off my list (don’t think I won’t try though!)


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