An Update

16 Oct

I have been busy, busy, busy the last couple of weeks and I don’t see a break until at least the weekend before Halloween. That’s partly my fault because I should already have my final exam done for my course but instead will need to spend my weekend finishing it.

My mom and a family friend were down here from Wednesday to yesterday and it was nice having someone else in the apartment but man am I exhausted. Their flight got in late Wednesday night so I didn’t get to bed till after midnight. I worked a half day then got lunch and ran around getting Eric’s car tags renewed. I worked another half day Friday, grabbed lunch with them, and we rushed to post for a meeting I was supposed to have at 230. I was irritated when she wasn’t there and I saw an email from earlier that morning canceling. If you have my phone number and I don’t respond-call me. It’s only the polite thing to do. After that we toured the city and did some shopping. Saturday morning we were up early and drove down to Panama City. There was a small fiasco with my hotel reservation not being in the computer and no rooms being available but we got it worked out thankfully. You know that feeling of needing a vacation after a vacation? I totally felt like that on Monday but because I am helping out with a girl at work on medical leave I again went in for a half day of work, got lunch, drove to the airport to drop my visitors off and had to turn around and head to post for swim practice. I am a volunteer coach for the youth swim team and it was the first practice-I was told practice was 530 to 630 but it’s actually till 7. I didn’t leave the pool till 730 and then got home and started day 1 of Insanity! I’m so excited about it but oh man, I’m so tired from these past few days. Oh-and I have to call about 40 women because I am starting up a local alumni association for my sorority with another girl here. I wanted to be busy during this deployment so it would fly by (I was super busy in college and thrived on that) but now I feel like I have a little too much on my plate. I decided to go ahead and skip the FRG meeting tonight so I can catch up on dishes and laundry at home but tomorrow will again be another long day.

On a good note – I should be hearing from Eric soon and this should be the last time in the deployment we go without communication (hopefully – I am so over this deployment) It’s also his birthday tomorrow and we hit a really big milestone in the deployment VERY soon!

Sorry this is a long, probably incoherent post but I had a bit of time at work because outlook is down. Time to find something to do – is it spring yet?


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