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Teeter Totters

24 Jan

Things have been a bit quiet around here lately but head on over to check out the awesome new NextGen Milspouse site and read my guest post about teeter totters! Wait, what? You’ll just have to go read it!


Problems with the Military & How to Fix Them

11 Dec

There are three big, scratch that, four issues that families face with the military.

1) All families, whether military or not, are affected by the astronomical amount of money our government spends.

2) Military spouses who choose to work have a hard time advancing their careers

3) Military kids are constantly required to change schools

4) There is a lack of consistency with the constant change of command

Well..Ive officially solved all of the above problems with one semi-simple solution-keep military families where they are!

Here is how it would work

-Soldiers could pick their top five for their first duty station
-If after 3 years a soldier would like to move and a slot is available they may do so
-OCONUS bases would be voluntary-only except in cases where a slot would need to be filled. Those bases would be 2 years or as long as the soldier wanted stay.
-If a slot is open and there are no volunteers a soldier could still come down on orders like today.

Am I missing a few issues? Probably. But so much money would be saved, spouses could build up their careers easier, kids would be a little more “grounded”, and each unit would have less changes with each incoming and outgoing soldier.

What are your thoughts?