Taking A Stand

26 Jan

I really wanted to write this last night but I knew I needed to sleep on it first and wake up with a fresh mind and a better mood. So here goes…

I was in an angry mood yesterday. I was a little over tired, work was a little crazy at the end of the day, and I’m a litte impatient as we crawl to the end of this deployment. All of those little things, and a lady who doesn’t know how to drive, put me on edge. I even thought to myself, I shouldn’t be driving right now because I am that angry.

Fort Benning is transitioning to an automated gate system but the communication to the ID cardholders has been terrible. After being told by the FRSA that the system isn’t going into affect anytime soon (not his fault, that’s what he was probably told) a wife posted to our facebook page a link to a post by the “Military Housing Issues and Concerns” facebook page. For those of you who don’t know, housing is not run my the military and this is not an official military page.

That being said – they posted an announcement about the new system that is being implemented well, next month. In order to use the new system we are required to go register our ID cards, in person, on Fort Benning. Sponsors, aka the active duty soldiers, are not allowed to do this for their family members. The hours to do this? Monday to Friday 9-12 and 1-430.

I am overly opinionated and made a comment about the hours being too limited for those of us who work a normal work day (i.e, not a 3rd shift). My comment was not rude and I obviously understand that this announcement was posted on a page that has nothing to do with the new ID system. I was actually hoping to find a little agreement in the absurdity of trying to get thousands and thousands of people registered in a few weeks during only a 7 1/2 hour window in the middle of the afternoon on weekdays.

A back and forth started between myself and who I quickly found out is a former soldier who runs the page. I said a few things I should not have (the worst being “thanks for your smart ass response”) but I later went back and deleted those things I said out of absolute anger.

What I wanted to share out of this long-winded story is this:

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 7.38.09 PM

We, as in the spouses, should not have to fight to have our own careers. It is 2013 and I thought we were beyond this. While I do regret responding so quickly and not thinking before I reacted, I am not sorry I stood up for what I believe is right. Women wouldn’t have the right to vote if we didn’t stand up and speak. This issue is quite petty compared to the profound women’s rights movement but it’s still something. 

Not a single person on that page came out and agreed with me. There are 715 people that like that page. To say I was a little shocked would be an understatement. I started to wonder if I was out of line, perhaps it was crazy of me to think that I should have to ask my boss at my civilian boss if I could have off for yet another thing for the Army. Not until I posted that same picture to my facebook page did I have someone agree that the man who runs that page was out of line.

Are you a working military spouse? Do you think we make sacrifices in our own careers because of what our spouse does for a living?


6 Responses to “Taking A Stand”

  1. Michelle @ Run Eat Travel January 27, 2013 at 6:28 am #

    I’m a working military spouse! I see where you are coming from but I also knew exactly what I was getting into when I said “I do” to my husband. His career is #1. Army is #1. Always has been, always will be as long as he is in. And I’m more than ok with that. I think that as military spouses we make huge sacrifices but we also AGREED to this life, or why else would we say “I do” and stay married? That’s just my opinion. Everything on post (well, pretty much everything) caters to the soldiers. That’s just something we have to deal with. I tend to just not get all worked up over stuff like that because that’s just the way it is. Going back and forth with someone stuck in their ways won’t fix things.

    • happyhereblog January 27, 2013 at 5:05 pm #

      I do understand that things on post cater to the soldiers, that’s there work place and that is how things should be. With that said, I need my ID card to access the instillation in order to access my doctor. When my husband transitions out of the Army and I begin carrying our health insurance he will not be required to take time off of work to get an ID card registered. The Army will never be #1 nor will his career be #1 to us, we are equals in our marriage. Sure, there will be times when things take priority and there will be things we have no control over. One of my biggest faults is my overstatement of my opinions and I did end the back and forth in my last comment on the issue by stating that I was done going back and forth on a pointless topic.

      • Michelle @ Run Eat Travel January 27, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

        I don’t think there is equality in military marriages. Army says PCS, you PCS. That’s hardly equality. We follow them around the world pretty much until their time is up! Yeah sure you can choose not to go, but what kind of marriage is that.

  2. Chantal M. Shelstad January 27, 2013 at 11:33 am #

    I’m not a working spouse anymore, but I can completely sympathize. Those hours seem ridiculous. They must think you can just drop everything to go do things the Army requires, with no regards to your own life and job.

    • happyhereblog January 27, 2013 at 5:07 pm #

      Yes! And a few others even commented on how it shouldn’t be hard to just “take off of work”. Maybe their spouses who are soldiers should try just “taking of work” and see how that works. 🙂

  3. AMargaretV January 27, 2013 at 1:22 pm #

    I mostly get annoyed with it’s a spouse focused event that always seem to be held during the day and don’t take into account working spouses who now can’t participate. But I think they do that because the majority of spouses are stay at home mom, so they are catering to the majority, not the minority of those who chose to work. It’s still irritating though.

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