A Little Help Needed

4 Dec

Good morning, good morning! I am in need of some ideas and since the blogging community is usually full of them I thought I would start here.

I have some of the best grandparents around who continue to give myself and Eric gifts for Christmas. While we are always so, so grateful for them I am at a bit of a loss as to what to get them in return. Like most grandparents, mine are up there in age but are fortunate to have a wonderful home filled with many, many years of..things. I know they don’t need more stuff. But they also don’t get out much, not because they can’t afford it, so gift cards aren’t really anything they need either. Of course one of the greatest parts of giving is that you have the opportunity to buy something for someone that they don’t necessarily need.

All of this blabbering brings me round to one idea I have come up with-making a donation on behalf of them. Now most people smile at the idea of a donation but then secretly think, “awesome, no gift for me”. However, I truly think both sets of grandparents would love the idea.

Now, what kind of donation should I make? I heard about “One Simple Wish” this morning but they don’t have any wishes left in our price range. Financially we are looking at $50 or less for each set of grandparents but I am not opposed to doing a single $100 donation if it works better that way and essentially giving them the “same gift”. I also want the donation going to a reputable organization that would either directly use the money to purchase a physical object a la One Simple Wish or an organization that has low overhead costs.

Have you made a donation on behalf of someone? What organization did you go through? Ideas are more than welcome!


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