Green Pepper Geek Out

26 Nov

I eat fairly healthy and most of my grocery list is fresh produce. I have not eaten a single piece of bread since Eric left in June unless it has come from a restaurant. Crazy right? Well it is if you know what a HUGE pb&j fan I am 🙂

One of my biggest fears is a little bug making its way from the farm to my kitchen. I mostly worry about the broccoli I eat in salads but then last night I cut open a green pepper and..


Ahh! It was dead but I was still geeked out. I threw out the whole pepper and had to try hard to not think about that while eating my lunch today. And if you were eating a green pepper while reading this, Im sorry.


One Response to “Green Pepper Geek Out”

  1. Chantal November 26, 2012 at 3:05 pm #

    I probably would’ve thrown the pepper away too haha

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