A Daily Struggle

27 Sep

I know, I know – I just wrote about this but I am struggling. I work full time M-F but the last week or so I don’t have anything to do while Im here. My job is through a temp agency and because of how slow we are I don’t see my contract being extended much longer. I’ve started job searching again but there aren’t a ton of openings out there, hence the requirement to go to a temp agency in the first place.

I was talking to a friend on the phone about this and her advice was “you have a little over a year left until you move, do something fun!” That’s great, but what? What would be fun to me!?! I honestly think a mix of my interest in fitness and my degree in communications would be the ultimate fun job. The problem? Nada, zippo, zero positions like that here. Shoot, I applied to work the front desk at my gym months ago and never got a call back. I am a college educated woman, this should not be that hard. Days like this make me wish I had my own business and I could create my own job. I do have ideas-I would love to open a hybrid fitness and nutrition facility but I don’t have the experience to even begin thinking about that.

I know, complain a little more Andrea. Writing these frustrations out helps though. And at least this helped 5 minutes of my work day pass by.

(ps: I’m thinking about offering free email consultations on nutrition and wellness, would you be interested? I am an AFPA certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and I love all things about healthy living. Send me an email if I can help you out! happyhereblog@gmail.com)

(pps: Are you on myfitnesspal? Add me as a friend! myfitnesspal.com/andreas611)


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