18 Sep

I usually write my motivational Monday posts on Sunday nights. This Sunday? I was Yesterday was the opposite though and I was too busy to get to it. So here we are on Tuesday.

How do I rate my workouts last week? A big 10! I did 4 days of cardio and two days of lifting!

How was my heathy eating? Uhm..a 6.5. Ill just leave it at that.

This week has already started out poorly on the workout side. I was applying for a job last night and had to stop and see an insurance agent on my way home from work. And it was pouring. Needless to say my run did not happen. Tonight? FRG meeting. There is no way I’ll make it to my class at the gym in time. I might get my run in though, that’s yet to be decided. Hopefully things turn around tomorrow and I keep up my nutritious and delicious meals for the rest of this week.

How was your week?


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