Motivational Monday

10 Sep

I spent a bit of time on Saturday and Sunday in that lane and I have some awesome tan lines as proof. My week was good on the fitness front: I ran with the dog on Monday and Wednesday, went to Group Power at the gym on Tuesday, and got in a pool workout on the weekend. I did 2,000 meters on Saturday and 3,700 meters on Sunday. Compared to my college and high school practice’s that’s not much but for where I am at now it was really good. On a scale of 1 to 10 for the week I’d give myself a 9, only because I went it to class once instead of twice.

On the healthy eating scale I’d go with a, 6. My problem? I am hungry all the dang time. Thankfully most of what I eat is healthy but I eat too much. I like food!

Goals for next week – make it to the gym twice because I need to do more weight lifting and to stop eating so much! Even if it’s a healthy food I need to work on waiting a bit longer to see if I still feel hungry.

How was your week? Anything you are really proud of? What do you need to work a little more on?


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