Motivational Monday

3 Sep

In order to keep myself on track towards my health and fitness goals I will be posting every Monday about how my week prior went and what my plans for the upcoming week will be. Welcome to my Motivational Monday!

This week I decided enough was enough and I needed to get back on track. Saturday and Sunday afternoon I headed on post to the outdoor pool and swam for about an hour. I really wish I would have taken advantage of this earlier in the summer, the pool is so nice!

Since today is a holiday and I have off work I am going out for a run with the dog this morning. The rest of the week I am hoping to make it to two classes at the gym and the nights that I am not at the gym I plan to be out on a run with the dog. Because I got a workout in on both days this past weekend I will be happy if I get some sort of exercise at least three nights this week, though I am ideally hoping for four. 

The idea for this weekly post came about just a short while so ago the content for today is pretty short. Next week I hope to reflect a bit more on how I ate during the week and what went both right and wrong with my planned fitness schedule. If anyone is interested in making this a link up please let me know and have a great week!


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