Hello August, Let’s Have Babies!

1 Aug

I clearly remember reading Milspouse blogs in 2010-2011ish and the ones going through a spouse’s deployment always welcomed the first of the month with open arms. Now that I’m in that position IT. FEELS. GOOD.

I’ve started getting busy at work on a consistent basis and my days seem to come and go in a blur. On more than one occasion I had to ask what day of the week it was yesterday. The only downfall to being so busy? My nights have turned terribly unproductive. Last night was the worst one of all because of a conversation Eric and I had on Facebook chat during my lunch hour.

We’ve been saving quite a bit of money since he has left and are both excited to continue to see our savings grow. Eric mentioned going somewhere for a nice weekend when he gets back but I told him that we should “save our money so we can move and have babies”. Yes I want kids, four of them, and Eric is well aware of it. He wants kids too but just not yet. Instead of responding with his usual, “yes hunny, someday” he told me that  he has been thinking about it and would like to try starting a family after he gets home. Uhm, WHAT!?! He says he’s ready and wants to have six months of us time when he gets home and then try.

That conversation is the only thing I have thought about for the last 24 hours. At first I was like, heck no. As much as I really want to we just aren’t in a good position. I’m working at a great job with really good pay right now but it’s temporary and I’m not sure if it will turn permanent. Eric is getting out of the Army less than a year after he gets back from the desert and ideally we would like to move to the Tampa Bay area.

I’m an over-analyzer and started thinking about the what-ifs. I looked at a calendar and realized as long as I’m still employed, if we got pregnant within five months of him getting home we would be covered under Tricare until after the baby is born and that would save us a ton of money in healthcare costs. I brought up the news to my mom to see what she would say because I honestly didn’t know how I felt about it. Good idea? Terrible idea? I didn’t know. I figured she would be against it since our future is so up in the air but she said you never can really be fully ready for a baby and being under Tricare might be a good idea. Well that changed my whole perspective and I was totally into the idea from that point on.

Eric and I talked a bit more about it today and he was really wanting to wait the six months after he got home but saw the logic in my idea. We plan on keeping it in mind and talking about it more as the time gets closer. All I know is we went from not even truly thinking about starting a family yet to putting the idea on the table of getting pregnant in the next year.

So that’s how my life potentially changed on the last day of July. Hellooooo August!


5 Responses to “Hello August, Let’s Have Babies!”

  1. Mateya August 1, 2012 at 9:47 pm #

    Tricare is amazing. I would definitely try to have the baby while you’re still covered!

  2. Chantal August 2, 2012 at 8:36 am #

    Tricare was super helpful with having a baby! My only advice is make sure you’re ready because once you’re in, you can’t get out! lol

  3. andrea August 4, 2012 at 9:40 am #

    test comment two


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