Why I Shouldn’t Live Alone Part I

24 Jul

Please don’t judge me after you read this story, it’s embarrassing enough 🙂

So it was a little after 10pm and I went online to check fight prices because I am planning a trip home in August. Delta’s prices skyrocketed from when I checked last but Airtran’s prices dropped by about $100. In order to get the cheapest flight I would have to fly in a little earlier than planned so I called my mom to make sure she could pick me up from the airport at that time. I was in our bedroom and the only light in the apartment on was the light by my bed. Talking to my mom and trying to enter my credit card number at the same time wasn’t working so I started telling her I was going to let her go. Well, my mom can talk, I got my correct number put it and clicked print on my flight confirmation around the time I got off the phone with her.

Something distracted me and the next thing I knew it sounded like someone was trying to break into the apartment. I sat for a second and listened to the noise and it sounded like someone was trying to get into our door and I freaked out. I grabbed my cellphone, which had warned me it only had 10% battery left while I was on the phone with my mom, and crept towards the bedroom door. I unlocked my phone so I could call 911 quicker and was hoping my 80lb dog would hear the noise and start barking. Nope, she just looked at me. Thanks Sonie.

I got to the hallway and my heart was pounding so hard, not to mention I was only in a white tank top, no bra, little pajama shorts, and I had no idea what to do. Do I yell out? Just call the police? Stand there like a frozen fool? I flipped on the hallway light and was about to dial 911 when…..I realized it was my damn printer. I felt like such an idiot and my hands were shaking so bad. I’ve never felt unsafe in our apartment before but I seriously thought someone was trying to break their way in and I knew there was no where to go.

An upside to the story? I now realize how utterly unprepared I was and have since thought of about a million other things I could have done. My husband responded with “thats why I want you to have a gun”. Uhm, hunny, my hands were shaking so bad I would have just shot myself. At least it would have scared the burglars away. I’m also looking into taking a self defense class but hopefully I’ll never need to use the stuff I learn.

If you noticed in the title I named this Part I. I’m sure there will be more stories like this so stayed tuned for the next ridiculous thing I do.


One Response to “Why I Shouldn’t Live Alone Part I”

  1. MotoWife July 29, 2012 at 11:59 am #

    Ha that’s happened to me before. It sucks!

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