Oh Hello

18 Jul

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Ah, sweet little blog of mine, how I have missed you. I’m coming off the longest blogging break I’ve ever taken but it feels good to be back. For a while I said I was done but I miss having more than 250 characters on twitter to talk about whatever the heck I feel like so here’s a quick update on what we are up to.

Eric and I are about a month into his first deployment and for the most part things are going very well. I will not lie though, barring any major life crisis, I do believe this will be the hardest thing we will endure as a couple. It’s hard in the sense that we miss each other terribly but I know in the long run this will only strengthen our relationship because him and I are really good about communicating while he’s gone. Thankfully Eric has long ago decided the Army is not a career path for him so this will be our only long separation.

My blog and I both recently celebrated birthdays, she’s now 2 and I’m 25. Yikes, halfway through my twenties!

In January I was hired for a full time position with a glass company doing admin work but quickly realized the jerk of a boss was not worth the paycheck. I got the job through Manpower and decided to take the next month off to spend time with Eric before he left. A lot of people don’t like to talk about money but I have a small amount of student loan debt I’m working on paying off. I had enough money saved up to make my payments for a few months but right around the time Eric was leaving I knew I needed another job ASAP. I could have relied on Eric for the money but I worked hard for that debt and want to work just as hard to pay it off.

Luck was on my side and I got a call from Manpower and scheduled an interview for the day after Eric was leaving, it went well and I got the job. Without giving away too much information I now work full time in the financial industry. Did I mention I don’t know anything about finances? Well it’s been interesting but so far I really like it. The fact that I have a really nice office doesn’t hurt either. I went to the interview with the understanding that this was just a temporary position but I am not sure of them long-term outlook. I’m hoping to stay as the pay is good and for the most part I really like it.

In March Eric and I adopted a cat, he’s a little 6lb thing and we named him Blackjack. I’ve never had a cat before so it’s been a fun learning experience and he is really starting to show his personality. Sonie and him get along great and they have been wonderful company while Eric is away.

I know this post lacked any pictures, and that’s what everyone reads blogs for right, but it’s already after 10 here and I’ve spent the last 2 hours moving my blog from blogger to wordpress.com. It’s not perfect yet so don’t mind the mess and please visit often. While I’m not here you can find me on Twitter @happyhereblog


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