Hey There 3 Day Weekend

13 Mar

Nothing is better than having a Monday off 🙂 I spent this weekend getting a few things done for the wedding and getting my resume and application ready to apply for a job with Columbus State University. It’s kind of a long-shot job, especially because I’m not available to start until July, but I’m still going to apply for it and hope for the best. At least it’s getting me back in the job-applying mode.

Last night I had dinner with Sarah, my maid of honor, and then met up with Ally and Megan for a few drinks. Everyone is talking about how they hate losing an hour because of daylight savings but I haven’t really noticed it. And it’s going to be light out for so much longer now!!

Tomorrow I need to get up and workout, try on my wedding shoes, stop by Eric’s parents house for a few things, and have a coffee and shopping date with Ally. Then it’s two days of work and I’m off to Georgia again for the weekend 🙂 The forecast looks amazing for the whole time I’m there, and it’s Eric and my one year anniversary! So many fun things going on that weekend but I’ll save them to share when I get back.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!


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