Welcome to My Soapbox

13 Oct

I don’t get involved in politics. Frankly, they confuse the hell out of me because I think it’s a whole bunch of people saying really complicated things about very simple matters. Well, the issues might not be simple, but politicians add confusion with the backdoor deals and party-line voting. (I have no idea what that means, but I’ve recently heard it in a campaign ad) Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ignorant and I find it hard to listen to people complain about issues/people they had a right to vote on but chose not to. This longer than necessary introduction brings me to something that has become a hot topic recently..

The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. In my opinion gays deserve the right to serve openly in the career of their choice without risk of ridicule and reprimand. The ridicule part we have a harder time controlling but the reprimand part is 100% avoidable. How dare our country, with the many freedoms we have today, tell someone they are not allowed to openly love a person of the same sex and serve our country. Especially when they are serving to protect the very right you refuse to give them. 

Imagine if things were slightly different. Instead of the DADT policy being about sexual orientation, what if it were about religious preference? What if you were not allowed to openly admit to being a Christian while in the military? It’s crazy isn’t it! But how is it any different!?

I know many people argue that homosexuality is a sin and that’s what they base their beliefs in this policy off of. But to those who believe in the ten commandments, what about military members who practice Buddhism or Hinduism? They don’t believe in your god so “technically” in your eyes they are sinners. So should we start banning the right to religion in the military too?

Maybe you feel that men and women would be “uncomfortable” knowing there is a gay person in their unit. Okay. Well what about the person who feels uncomfortable because there is a Wiccan in their unit? Should we be dishonorably discharging the person just because they are different from you?

I’m very new to this military thing so I am not fully aware of the consequences of a dishonorable discharge but I know they are severe. I am so proud to be with a man who serves in the military but I am not proud of how the military treats it’s members. 

 Before I started dating Eric, I basically had no ties to today’s military. But even now that I have that tie my opinion doesn’t change. Thankfully I have found someone who has similar beliefs to me (well, he tolerates mine at least haha). But even with that being said, and my strong beliefs on gay rights, I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just hope one day everyone learns acceptance and fully welcomes the gay population to serve our country without the fear of rejection.


One Response to “Welcome to My Soapbox”

  1. Stacy October 14, 2010 at 1:22 am #

    I totally agree! If someone is willing to serve their country and God forbid, give their life…it should not matter what their sexual orientation is.

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