I Did It!

21 Sep

Today I gave my boss at the Y my two weeks-ish notice.  Finally!  I have honestly wanted to quit that place since day one.  No really, I came home after working my first shift on the night the pool opened and said I was going to quit.  Why, you ask?  I’ll tell you quick.  A mom with triplets came into the small pool where I was guarding and one of her daughters wander too deep and I had to jump in and get her.  The water was only about 3 feet deep where I jumped…er hopped…in, but after picking her up and handing her off to her mom I was soaked.  I then had to rotate into the much colder lap pool and I was freezing because I was soaking wet.  I took off the wet guard shirt I was wearing but rung out and put back on my guard shorts.  Because it was December I had worn my black fleece to work and threw that on, unzipped, over my guard suit.  Well, my boss walks in knowing what had happened and that I was soaked and told me I had to take my fleece off because “it wasn’t part of the uniform”.  Really, bitch?  I told her I was freezing but she wouldn’t have it.  I. was. pissed.  Come on, it’s not like we work at Abercrombie or Best Buy where there are strict corporate policies on what can be worn.  Yeah, needless to say I went home ranting and raving about how much I freaking hated that place.

So today I told her that September would be my last month guarding because of other employment that is a little bit closer related to what I went to school for.  She took it well and, thankfully, told me I could stay on as a swim instructor.  The pay and hours suck but the free Y membership is nice.  So after today I only have 9 days left of my guarding career, hopefully.


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