Hey, Smart Move RedBox

20 Sep

Can someone please tell me whose genius idea at RedBox it was to print a receipt when you rent a movie (when they don’t know how long you’ll have it, thus not knowing how much to charge you) versus allowing us to print a receipt when we return the movie (so we have documented proof that we really did return it within 24 hours and should indeed only be charged one dollar)? 

I rented a movie from RedBox for the first time this weekend even though I heard a friend say not to do it because his girlfriend got charged more than she should have and there is no way to prove that you returned it on time.  Well, I thought maybe she had just missed a step but no, there really is no way to prove that it got returned if something goes wrong. WTH RedBox!

Other than that little issue I liked how RedBox worked and I’ll continue using it until I have a problem.  I sadly canceled my NetFlix account when I went all penny-pincher style to ensure that I can make my student loan payments on my measly lifeguard pay.  And because it was so nice out this summer I was paying $9 a month to watch one stupid movie.  That my friends, was not a good investment.

I have never been a fan of Sundays and today is no exception, especially because Eric was told that they are no longer allowed to use any electronics, including cellphones, after 9 pm.  Which is only 8 pm here!  Well what the heck am I supposed to do with my nights now?  We didn’t always talk that late every night but 8 is kind of early.  The only good thing is now other people won’t be keeping him awake so he’ll be able to get some sleep. 

Despite my dislike of Sundays, I do plan on ending this one in a fun way by looking at some pretty things Eric wants my opinion on 🙂 I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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