30 Days of Me – Day 27

15 Sep

Your Month in Great Detail

I’m getting kind of tired of this 30 Days of Me thing, maybe it’s because all of these last posts are pretty much the same.  Well..here goes for September.

This month sucks.  First of all, summer is practically over.  I finished at the beach on Labor Day but the whole holiday weekend was cold, so it wasn’t even a good unofficial end to summer.

The second reason September sucks is I started back at the Y.  I’ve only worked 3 days and I have already decided this will be my last month guarding.  I found out today that the new hires are getting paid a dollar more an hour than me.  Uhm, no.  That just adds to a whole laundry list of reasons I dislike working in the aquatics department.  I’ll stay on as a swim instructor until my class is done in October but I’m pretty sure that will be the end.  If I can pick up more classes after that I’ll think about it but just so I can keep my free membership. 

The third reason I am hating on this month is because there is no Eric in it :(.  We get to talk and skype but I want to see him, in person.

I actually consider myself quite the optimist so I am going to list a few reasons this month rocks.  I found out that I can go back to working at Parkside because my boss needs some help and it sounds like I can get at least 20 hours a week through Christmas.  Thank goodness because that means I can fully quit the Y without doing any damage to my measly bank account.  When this month is over, it means it’s October.  Which means Eric is done with AIT.  Which means he gets to come home for a couple of weeks! Yey! Even if he isn’t coming home until the end of October I can still say “I get to see Eric this month!” as soon as September is over.

I know this isn’t quite what I was supposed to write but that pretty much sums up my September.  I’m glad it’s already half way through this month (OMG IT’S ALREADY HALF WAY OVER!) so hopefully the second half goes just as quickly.


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