What A Beautiful Weekend

18 Aug

I know I’ve been lacking in posting lately, but that’s because I was getting ready for and visiting Eric!!! I flew down on Friday and returned home on Sunday which meant less than 48 hours together.  But, they were perfect, happy, amazing hours that we spent together, not on the phone! 

I flew Delta and despite what everyone says about them, I had a smooth trip both down there and back home.  I had a layover in Atlanta both ways and on the way down there were some storms in the area and we ended up sitting on the runway longer than we were in the air, but that’s not saying too much because the flight from Atlanta to Augusta was only 37 minutes.  Eric ended up having a long taxi ride from post to the airport to pick me up but seeing him again was definitely worth the wait.  We had a little problem with the key to the condo that we were staying in which ended up in $40 to a useless locksmith, tracking down the manager, and then a $25 taxi ride to get a hotel room only to turn around and come back when the manager called with the key.  Eric kept saying he felt bad about the problem with the key but I didn’t mind, I would have sat outside that door all night as long as he was there.

 Eric’s cousin and his fiance also came down to visit for the weekend and we spent Saturday driving around Augusta (hello, ghetto-ist town ever) and then hanging out at the condo and swimming that night.  Eric and I had a really good talk on Saturday night about our relationship and what the future might bring and I couldn’t be happier with how things are.  I love love love how open he is and that he isn’t afraid to tell me how he feels.  Thanks baby, you’re the best. 

Aww, isn’t he cute??

Leaving him on Sunday sucked as usual but I am so thankful for the time we got to spend together.  Now I am just patiently waiting to see him again and dreaming of the day we get to be together everyday. 


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