Lazy, Lazy Day

13 Jul

Well, it’s almost 5 pm and I have been up since a little before 8.  Now one would assume that on a day off getting up before 8 am means a successful, check-things-off-my-to-do-list kind of day.  Definitely not the case. The day started out really well, I slept in a bit which was much needed and still managed to get my unmotivated and very sore self to the gym.  This is where it all went wrong.  I have gotten myself into a routine that I like and am comfortable with so when I went to go lift after doing my 20 minutes on the elliptical I was completely thrown off when I realized that there are only one of the handle-things left for the cable machine I use.  There should be four of them, where could they possibly have gone, who just walks off with these!?!  Last week there was only one of them as well but I managed to find something similar and was using that instead, but now that is gone too?  Are you serious people?

I politely went up to the lady at the desk and asked her if she knew where they had gone/to let her know they were missing.  Well that was successful, she didn’t even know what the hell I was talking about.  (side note: I used to work/still work there and I have talked to said lady before and she seems very nice)  But really, you are the only person working and you are 100% useless.  She picked up a similar handle and I explained that it was almost like that, but not quite.  She then suggests that perhaps they broke.  Ok maybe they did, although I highly doubt it, but wouldn’t someone have had the genius idea to replace them after one or two of them broke?  Of course not, it’s the Kenosha YMCA where nothing is done with any ounce of common sense. Well, I do almost all of my stuff on that one machine so I just decided to leave.  Ugh, that place just kills me sometimes. 

On a better note, I applied for a job today!  I only applied for one though so I wouldn’t exactly call that a stellar job hunting day.  We shall see though.  I was hoping to get my mess of a room cleaned and then lay in the pool all day but I just got around to the whole cleaning thing and now realize putting on a suit and taking the cover off the pool is just too much work.  When did I become so lazy?  Oh, that’s right, probably when I graduated college and moved home to become a lifeguard. hahaha.


One Response to “Lazy, Lazy Day”

  1. Sara Elizabeth July 14, 2010 at 6:07 am #

    Your blog style reminds me of my blog! Love it 🙂 Look forward to following you!

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